“Dear Valued Customer”

How great is it when you get a letter in the post from a company you spend thousands with every year, and they begin with “Dear Valued Customer”?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure they value me as a customer. I’m even sure that they could tell me to the cent, how much they truly value me. But they don’t value me enough, to address me by name. Leaving me feeling about as valued as a used bus ticket.

We love our clients, and we want their clients to feel the love too. And if all that takes is addressing them by name, then we can help.

These days, there’s all sorts of software and online tools that you can use for communicating with your clients in a personalised and professional way. Once they’re set up, they’re easy to maintain and very cost effective.

If you’d love to engage with your clients better and make them feel truly valued, you should get in touch with us and talk about the different options to get you started.

Team WC

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