Why we love working with small businesses

waterman consulting offer a wide range of services for your small business
Waterman Consulting offer a wide range of services from online marketing to advice and effective marketing management

I often get asked, why small business marketing? Why focus on start ups? To me it’s an easy choice.

For many years, I’ve worked for large companies. Corporates. Market leaders. And one thing has always stood out. It’s a horrible term but I’ve seen it first hand on so many occasions.


Now I won’t name names here. Recently I worked for a very large business, one of the largest around. They were and still are the market leader in their industry but did nothing except implement an annual price increase to cover their costs. Great marketing ideas and new thinking, unfortunately never saw the light of day. It was simply a case of doing the same thing again and again, hoping for a different result.

Another company I worked for, a global giant who weren’t a market leader but were close, had a very similar feeling. I was lucky enough to spend time in their factories, with their R&D teams overseas and witness firsthand, some of the greatest minds in the industry coming up with incredible ideas, well ahead of their time. Unfortunately, a lot of these ideas never made it out of the R&D labs.

But small businesses are different. I love working with people who as I like to call it “have skin in the game”. They live and breathe their business every day. They aren’t reporting to a board of shareholders who want their annual dividend and don’t want to take risks.

I love fresh thinking and that’s what small businesses and start ups are all about. We’re all about fresh thinking here at Waterman too so being able to collaborate with likeminded people is amazing!

Often small businesses and start ups have a great idea, or new product or a different way of doing something. Now we’re not inventors or manufacturers but we’re experts at marketing. We create the perfect partnership with small businesses and use our expertise to create as many opportunities as possible for them. Opportunities that we hope will lead to a prosperous future for our clients.

That’s why we love working with small businesses.

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